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Quality AC services can be tricky to navigate when there are so many companies to choose from. How is one to know who to choose, right? We empathize and always try to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers. For over a decade, AC Replacement Austin has been delivering the best in customer service, price, and products to our clients. We aim to keep you or your business protected from the elements and give you the best price point possible.

We welcome your inquiries and questions, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Keep reading to learn more about AC replacement and our services in Austin.


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    Our Services

    Heating and Cooling Services


    AC Replacement & Installation

    We work with top brands to deliver the best cooling solutions for your home or business. Our teams are certified professionals who pay attention to the smallest details to ensure your installation or replacement goes smoothly. Our pros are adept at detecting problems or troubleshooting challenging jobs. Whether you need a new unit in your custom home or your old unit has decided to surrender, we are your team.


    Furnace Installation & Replacement

    Despite living in a generally mild climate, we still need our furnaces to be there when temperatures drop. Unfortunately, we always seem to find out we need a new one when the weather is less than comfortable. We work tirelessly to get a team to your home or business and supply a new system when your unit decides to fall apart. Thanks to our exceptional partnerships, we can give our clients a furnace that will stand the test of time.


    AC Repair & Maintenance

    One of the best ways to prolong the life of your AC unit is to stay up to speed on maintenance and repairs. When you're not sure what is happening with your unit, we have experts ready to assist. Our professionals can assess what is wrong with your unit and put a plan in place for repairs. The main way to avoid repairs or replacement is to be on a maintenance schedule. We offer programs that will help you stay on top of your AC unit. We feel this service is priceless, given how replacement costs are significantly more expensive than a maintenance call.


    Furnace Repair is & Maintenance

    When a furnace fails, we do everything we can to determine why and solve the issue with a repair. On many occasions, we simply repair a unit when the homeowner or business owner was sure they were looking at a replacement. Our teams are good and will do everything they can to save you on a replacement. One way we save many furnaces is to have them on a regular maintenance program. We offer these to both residential and commercial clients. This service goes a long way in preventing costly replacements.


    Commercial & Residential

    Our clients come from all over the Austin area and are both residential and commercial customers. We support our residential customers with both AC and heating services to ensure their homes continue to be their sanctuaries. For our commercial clients, we know having trouble with an AC or furnace is bad for business. We respond quickly to their needs and prioritize what they need to be back in business fast. Have questions? We welcome you to connect with us today.


    Additional HVAC Services

    At AC Replacement Austin, we know there are other services our clients need support with. This might include ducting issues, air quality troubles, thermostat problems, or air filter checks. We are happy to help you with all of these situations and have programs for some of these services. We also invite you to join a maintenance program for the health, longevity, and efficiency of your AC or furnace units.

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    So grateful this team was able to repair my furnace when I thought I would have to replace it. I was crushed, thinking I'd have to fork out thousands of dollars.

    My AC went out late last Summer, and I knew I didn't have the money to replace it. Thankfully, I called this company, and they were able to help me get a new unit at an affordable price with their great resources.

    I will continue to use this team for the regular maintenance of my HVAC units. They aren't pushy or shady with their pricing. Totally transparent.


    Air Conditioning

    AC Replacement & Installation


    We offer AC replacement and installation for all kinds of homes and businesses at varying budgets. Each customer gets a customized plan and product according to what they need. We build systems based on things like insulation, location factors, square footage, window placement, and more. Not all customers are the same, and neither are their homes or businesses. We take our time to understand the right-sized unit for your space and how it will impact your budget and monthly costs.

    Types of Systems

    The most popular type of system is the split system where you have the main unit outside and a duct system carrying refrigerant to various rooms of your house. This is where air circulates between an indoor coil and an outdoor condenser/compressor. The refrigerant cools the air and is carried through your ductwork to other rooms like bedrooms and living rooms. Most homes today can accommodate this type of system. However, older homes may need a ductless system.

    If your home is unable to use the duct system necessary, we can do a ductless system too. This is where you have an outside condenser and compressor and one or more blower units (air handlers) that are mounted to a wall. The two sides of this unit are connected through a conduit that contains a power cable, refrigerant line, and drain. The unit in each room cools that room only and can be controlled with a remote.

    All our systems are designed with those paying the utility bills in mind. The homeowner or business owner will be thrilled to hear all of our systems are energy efficient and installed by highly trained professionals who have electrical and engineering know-how.

    Master Planned Installation

    You may or may not know the level of knowledge needed to install an AC unit. While it may seem pretty straightforward and just labor-intensive, there is a lot of engineering and planning that has to be done. When these kinds of things aren't done, you end up with faulty systems, hot or cold zones in your home, and unnecessary wear and tear on your unit. All this can impact the longevity of your unit. When in doubt, always use these rules:

    Choose a company that is licensed and insured

    Use a company that has several years in the industry

    Work with a business that has warrantees and guarantees

    AC Buying Factors

    Both homeowners and business owners want to maximize their budgets while getting the best system possible. Here are some factors to consider when buying, that a good company will walk you through.

    Size - Consider the BTUs and the space you're trying to cool. One ton of cooling equals 12,000 BTUs. 

    Efficiency - This measurement defines how much cooling takes place for each watt of electricity. This is expressed as the SEER rating. For example, the minimum rating for a split system today is 14, so you'll want one that is 15 or more. 

    Maintenace - For the best impact and longevity, you will want to put your unit on a maintenance plan. There are benefits for repairs, and these can keep costs lower or having to replace your unit. 

    Replacement - If you're ready to upgrade your system (or have to), you shouldn't just assume you need the same sized unit. This is an opportunity to help your utility bills and get a more efficient long-lasting system. 

    Heating Systems

    Furnace Installation & Replacement


    Homeowners and business owners trust AC Replacement Austin for their furnace installations. Chances are you aren't thinking about your furnace all that often. It's only when something is wrong do we start panicking about the fate of our heating systems. For good reason. Most of the time in Austin, our furnaces aren't even being used.

    When you choose to work with us, you will have a knowledgeable partner helping you with the best systems for your particular home and our specific climate. We ensure each system is designed to handle the appropriate load of your space, and we can help you keep it running for years to come with routine maintenance. We encourage you to give us a call if you're ready to install or replace your furnace with a customized unit.

    Furnace Buying Factors

    Below you will learn more about various factors when dealing with a furnace installation or replacement. We like to educate our customers so they feel confident about the unit they are getting and why.

    You will have plenty of things to consider when installing or replacing a new furnace, and hopefully, you're working with a team that can walk you through each factor. Here are a few things to consider:

    Your Fuel Source - Gas, oil, or electricity.

    The Efficiency - How much the source converts to heat

    The Blower - Variable and or single speeds.

    The Unit Size - This is dependent on the size of your space.


    Furnace Installers

    Our mission is to provide exceptional service to our Austin clients and give them a furnace install that is not only simple but stands the test of time. The crews installing your new unit are highly qualified and have gone through extensive training in planning, strategy, engineering, safety, and efficiency. This is how we know we are delivering the best installation, and you feel confident in our work.

    Furnace Maintenance

    The longevity of your furnace is dependant on the maintenance program you put it on. While this might seem like a money grab for companies like ours, the data proves that furnaces that are looked after; last longer and are more efficient. We have various programs that we can help you with.


    AC Upkeep

    AC Repair & Maintenance


    At some point, all AC units need attention either with a repair or some simple maintenance. Repairs and maintenance are the lifeblood of AC units. Many AC repairs are easy to diagnose and remedy quickly. Some may take a little more digging which we find is worth it instead of immediately resorting to replacing the unit. We also source factory parts to ensure your unit doesn't become compromised by cheaper parts that only end up failing.
    Our maintenance programs include checking on all the factors that can lead to failure. This includes checking ducts, filters, thermostats, electrical connections, leaks, drainage, and more. Here are some common repairs we handle

    Refrigerant Leaks - AC unit refrigerant can leak when a system is aging or has been installed improperly. We can handle recharging and fixing leaks which tends to cause the material to get too low to function.

    Drainage Complications - Clogs in the condensate lines or high outdoor humidity may cause drainage issues with your AC unit. This causes the AC unit to malfunction because it cannot keep up and may cause damage to additional components.

    Compressor Fans - When your compressor fan isn't functioning correctly, the heat transfer process will fail. You will notice your unit not really cooling your space, and the systems tend to overheat, setting off safety controls.

    Heating Complications

    Furnace Repair is & Maintenance


    We don't need our furnaces as much as other cities across the country. However, when temperatures drop, we certainly feel the pinch. We provide heat repair and heat pump repairs in Austin when you most need them. There is nothing worse than calling an HVAC business and having them place you so far down the list that you're afraid of freezing to death.
    No matter what kind of heating system you have, we are happy to help you remedy your issues as fast as possible. Our team has been trusted for over a decade, and our technicians will exceed your expectations.


    We believe that the longevity of a heating system is dependant on a good maintenance plan. We offer these to our clients, no matter what kind of system they are running. Keeping your furnace in tip-top shape is the only way you know you won't be spending money on a new system or forking over money for emergency repairs. We have a program for every kind of client. We can help our residential clients with semi-annual or annual plans and our business clients with more frequent plans to ward off costly repairs and replacements.

    Our Technicians

    The quality of an HVAC team's technicians is worth more than you know. These are the same people who design and build systems from the ground up, however, they are also the same folks who save you money on repairs. They will find problems before they start and save our clients money time and time again.


    Austin HVAC Provider

    Residential HVAC Services


    At AC Replacement Austin, we offer a range of services to our residential clients like AC repair, replacement, maintenance programs, and installations. We help our customers save money on utility costs, improve their Energy Star ratings, and use top-quality materials and products, to best serve our clients. All of this is delivered by teams of highly skilled personnel who have spent years learning the ropes and troubleshooting residential projects.


    While residential AC units are designed to go the distance, repairs still happen. We provide repairs for all kinds of issues, both common and less likely. Not sure what is happening with your unit, we welcome your call.


    Our product lines for residential use have been tried and tested. They meet our expectations (which are high), so we know they will work perfectly for our homeowners. We have built resourceful partnerships to ensure our clients get the best products at the best price. Each line is designed with certain homes in mind, so call us today to discuss your project.

    AC Scheduled Service

    We are happy to offer residential clients a simple AC check program to ensure their units will work when they need them to. These are custom-made for each client according to their unit and their utility usage.

    Austin Business HVAC

    Commercial HVAC Services


    We have a soft spot for our commercial clients. Like you, we work around the clock to deliver top-notch service to countless Austim customers. When an AC or furnace goes out, we know how detrimental this is to your business flow. In fact, some of our new clients have had to previously shut their businesses down for periods because they can't keep the doors open, making customers uncomfortable. We work hard to ensure this doesn't happen to our commercial clients.

    We handle commercial HVAC repairs when systems need immediate attention and fast solutions.

    Lets us help with a new HVAC installation for those of you who are ready to either upgrade or build out a new commercial space.

    HVAC maintenance programs for commercial clients are the best way to keep your business on track with the fewest disruptions.

    Commercial HVAC technicians will work on your units. These are certified and trained professionals who are excellent at locating problems and saving you money.





    AC Replacement Austin has one goal in mind, to serve the customer with excellent products and superior service. For over a decade, we have been delivering on both fronts and have truly enjoyed building professional partnerships with your residential and commercial clients.
    Our management has partnered with top brands to give you access to the best products on the market. We also do this at the best price points in Austin. We seek high and low for these products.
    Rest assured that you are working with a professional team that is licensed and insured. We are also registered in the state of Texas and the city of Austin as a legitimate business. You might be surprised at how few companies go to these lengths.
    We would be happy to learn more about your HVAC project and welcome your inquires. It can be tough to find a quality company to work with, so we invite you to get to know our team by giving us a call or sending us a message today.

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