How will I know if my AC unit needs repairs? Expand

There are several indicators that your AC system should be addressed by a professional to determine if there are repairs that need to be made. Some of the most common issues that occur are issues cooling your entire house, a large increase in your energy bill, or if the unit is over 10 years old. Our team of NATE-certified professionals can examine the unit and determine if repairs will fix the issue or if replacement is necessary.

When should I replace my AC or HVAC system? Expand

Similar to the suggested process with repairs, always have your AC system inspected by a licensed professional as soon as any issues arise. This will ensure the problem is addressed quickly and can help to prevent any further damages to the unit. On average, if your HVAC system is over 10 to 15 years old and is costing you additional money to run it, it may be time to consider a system replacement. Our team can provide a free no-obligation quote on AC replacement services.

What size AC will I need for my home? Expand

Each home has a unique layout and specific cooling needs, which is why you should always let a NATE-certified professional from Austin AC determine the proper unit size for your house. Some people believe the larger the AC unit the more powerful it will be, but this is not always the case. Your specific cooling needs and home layout will help our expert contractors determine what size and model unit will work efficiently. Many factors can determine unit size including the age of your home, insulation, type of windows, and the number of people living in the home.

How much does an AC replacement cost? Expand

The cost for an AC replacement will fluctuate based on the size of the unit needed for the home, along with the layout and square footage of your home. Without the necessary information on the replacement, it is impossible to determine the total cost of a replacement or even repairs. You can reach out to our team of experts here at Austin AC for free estimates on our services and assistance with any questions about costs or replacement services.

My AC unit takes a long time to cool my house. Does it need to be repaired? Expand

If your cooling unit is not functioning as well as it once did and it is taking longer for your home to cool down, there may be an underlying issue with the system. It can be simple as an issue with the thermostat or something like a leak within the ductwork. We recommend checking basic elements like the filter or thermostat to ensure they are clear and to the correct settings. If the unit is still having difficulties cooling the space, it may be time to reach out to the team at Austin AC.

Will a new AC or HVAC system help to lower my energy bills? Expand

Yes, having a new AC unit or complete HVAC system installed is a great way to save money on your energy bills each month! This can be especially helpful if you are currently operating an outdated system that has increased your energy costs or needs frequent repairs. Many homeowners avoid replacing their cooling systems for fears of the costs, not realizing that making repetitive repairs to a system can cost even more than a completely new system over time! Avoid the hassle and extra expenses by replacing your AC system when it is professionally recommended.

Will my air conditioning unit need maintenance? Expand

Yes, you can expect any air conditioning or HVAC system to need maintenance over time to prevent issues and increase the longevity of the entire unit. Preventative maintenance for these units is often simple but we are happy to complete these steps to help ensure the process is quick and easy for you. Some of the most common maintenance tasks include cleaning filters and removing any built-up dust or debris from the unit.

Can a window air conditioner be repaired? Expand

It’s typically not recommended to replace air conditioning window units, as it can be more expensive than the cost of a new unit. These systems are not designed to last for years and years, which is why many homeowners purchase new units each summer. Our team can help with determining if a permanent installation would be the better choice for your home, as they are quieter and often less expensive on overall energy costs.

How do I know if my AC is big enough for my home size? Expand

If your current AC system is the proper size for your home, it will be able to cool the space in a short amount of time with little change to your overall energy costs. If you are unsure, our team of NATE-certified professionals can assess your home’s layout, square footage, and cooling needs to determine if your system is properly sized for your family. If your system is not meeting your cooling needs, our team can help determine which model is best for your home.

Can an AC system help eliminate indoor odors? Expand

Yes, properly functioning AC units are a great way to help minimize indoor odors from a variety of sources including pet dander, bacteria, molds, and various other factors. One of the most common causes of these odors becoming an issue in your home is improper or poorly functioning ventilation, which can lead to allergy issues or breathing problems. A new or repaired AC unit can help to minimize these odors and eliminate excess moisture in your home that can cause these issues. If you are dealing with unpleasant odors in your home or need repairs to your cooling system, reach out to our team at Austin AC today. We can provide you with no-obligation estimates on our services and can help determine if your unit will benefit from repairs or a complete replacement.

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