Prep Your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit for Winter

Clean It Out It may seem counterintuitive, but you should clean out your AC just as you would the lint trap on a clothes dryer. The outdoor unit is especially prone to collecting debris that can lead to further damage. Leaves, grass clippings, and other debris are sharp enough to damage your unit’s blower and compressor fans. If you’ve never cleaned the unit, it’s important that you do so before winter to avoid damage. Once your system is turned off … Read more

5 Air Conditioner Types: How to Choose the Best for Your Home

Is your air conditioning unit outdated or starting to have issues effectively cooling your indoor space? Are you considering a new style of AC unit but unsure which is the best choice for your home? There are different types of HVAC units available for home and business owners in the Austin, Texas area, each providing a unique set of functions and benefits. Below you can read about five common types of air conditioners and the steps you can take to … Read more

AC Guide: Are Portable Air Conditioners A Good Choice?

With the hot and sometimes unbearable temperatures that happen during the summer in Austin, you may be wondering which type of air conditioner is the right choice to keep your home cool during these months. Portable air conditioners have grown in popularity over the last few years for the easy maintenance and ability to cool your indoor space without having a big, unsightly unit in one of your windows. While these benefits sound lucrative, many homeowners question if these types … Read more

Heat Pumps vs. Air Conditioners: What Are The Main Differences?

With all of the different variations and types of HVAC systems available, it can be difficult to determine which unit is the best choice for your Austin home. There are some similarities between these two types of cooling systems, but there are some major differences between heat pumps and air conditioners that can affect which one will meet your needs best. Simply put, both systems use compressed refrigerant to take warm air from your home and transfer it outside. These … Read more

Air Conditioning 101: Learn How Hot Weather Can Affect Your System

With the extremely hot and sometimes unbearable summer temperatures in Austin, it’s important to have an AC system that can efficiently cool your home and keep the space comfortable throughout all of the seasons. The truth is when the temperature outside becomes hot or has high levels of humidity it can cause some issues with your AC system’s functionality and efficiency. You can read more below on how heat and humidity affect an AC unit and how to maximize cooling … Read more

Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air? Learn The Steps For Troubleshooting

It can be stressful to turn on your air conditioning during the summer in Austin just to realize the unit is blowing hot air. You can be left scrambling to troubleshoot the issues or searching for a licensed technician to come out and fix the problem. If the outdoor temperature is over 90 degrees and your unit is blowing hot air, reach out to a professional as soon as possible to ensure the indoor temperature of your home does not … Read more

Have a Leaky AC System?

Is your air conditioner leaking, leaving you feeling clueless as to what to do about it? As homeowners, we are often up against challenges that we don’t always know how to remedy. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the reasons why AC units leak and some of the ways you can try to correct the problem Water Forming in Your Air Conditioner Modern air conditioning systems are typically made up of indoor and outdoor components. One part is … Read more

Broken AC: Learn What Not To Do While Waiting For Repairs

If you are dealing with a broken AC unit, you may be left wondering what you should and should not do while waiting for repairs. If this happens during the hot summer months in Texas, there are things you should avoid doing before the system is fixed, as they can help to keep you and your family cool! One of the most important things you should do when your AC system stops working is to call a professional immediately for … Read more

Emergency AC Repairs vs. Maintenance Requests: What’s the Difference?

Whether you live in a single-family home, apartment building, or condo community, you may be faced with issues that need to be repaired at one point in your time there. If you are new to owning a home or living in an apartment community with a set of procedures for these issues, you may be left wondering whether you are facing an emergency repair or a problem that can be handled with a maintenance request. Below you can learn more … Read more

6 Steps To Take Before Turning On Your Air Conditioner For The Season

It’s common for the summer temperatures in Austin to rise fast and can sometimes catch homeowners off guard, which leaves them scrambling to get their air conditioning system ready for the season. Many believe they can just turn on the system and it will be ready to cool your home but this is simply not the case. An air conditioning system needs preventive and routine seasonal maintenance to ensure each part is working correctly and will be able to meet … Read more

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