Broken AC: Learn What Not To Do While Waiting For Repairs

If you are dealing with a broken AC unit, you may be left wondering what you should and should not do while waiting for repairs. If this happens during the hot summer months in Texas, there are things you should avoid doing before the system is fixed, as they can help to keep you and your family cool!

One of the most important things you should do when your AC system stops working is to call a professional immediately for repairs, especially if the temperature is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside. In some areas, this can constitute the need for emergency services to help get your home to a comfortable temperature. You can read more below on the certain things you should avoid doing while waiting for a repair technician to reach your home.

Avoid Using Heat Generating Appliances

One of the steps you can take to ensure your home does not get any hotter is to avoid using certain appliances that generate heat. This can include but is not limited to ovens, toasters, air fryers, and toasters. These appliances can raise the temperature inside your home significantly, which can be serious if your AC is not working properly. Instead, try to have light, cool food items that require no preparation like sandwiches or salads. You can also leave your home and have dinner out to get relief from the heat and avoid raising the indoor temperature.

Don’t Open Your Windows

If the outdoor temperature is too hot to stand outside comfortably, you should avoid opening your windows while waiting for your AC to be repaired. While it may seem stuffy inside with no airflow, opening a window can let in incredible amounts of heat that can raise your indoor temperature by over ten degrees! If your home is already 70 or 80 degrees with no AC, opening a window can make your home a truly uncomfortable and overly hot place. Be sure to keep all windows shut if the outdoor temperatures are hot or humid.

Try To Make Repairs On Your Own

When your AC stops working, your first instinct may be to try and figure out the problem and repair it on your own. It’s important that you never try to repair your AC on your own without help from a licensed HVAC technician. These cooling systems are intricate and require experience to perform maintenance on. It can be very dangerous to start working on an AC system that is non-functioning or still has live electricity. Contacting a licensed HVAC expert will ensure the repairs are completed properly and everyone remains safe while the unit is serviced.

Don’t Stay In The House

If the temperature inside your house becomes unbearable while waiting for a service technician to arrive for repairs, you can always take the family and any pets out of the home for the day to enjoy the fresh air or an air-conditioned public space. Many libraries, indoor arcades, restaurants, and shopping centers have air-conditioned spaces that you can enjoy instead of sitting inside and becoming uncomfortably hot. Be sure to take any pets with you and never leave them unattended in a hot home or car, as dogs and cats can be very sensitive to high temperatures. The interior temperature of a car can climb incredibly high in just a short amount of time, which can be fatal to children and pets. If it’s difficult to travel or find an indoor space with pets, try visiting a park with a splash pad or dog park where water is easily accessible.

Avoid Repeatedly Opening The Freezer

While this may seem obvious, some people will resort to opening their freezer for short bursts of cold air while their AC unit is broken. Repeatedly opening the freezer not only puts your cold items at risk of dethawing slightly, but it can also cause the unit to use more power which can generate excess heat in your kitchen. It’s important to avoid any unnecessary energy usage and to also keep your frozen food at an appropriate temperature. When frozen food warms up slightly, it can grow harmful bacteria that can make us sick. The best way to keep cool and safe is to keep the fridge and freezer doors shut until the AC is fixed.

Don’t Choose A Company Without Researching

Now that you know the steps not to take when waiting for AC repairs, you can start researching local companies to come out to your home and provide service. Home and business owners in the Austin area should consider the team of NATE-certified professionals at Austin AC. The company is fully licensed, insured, and has all of the tools necessary to complete repairs on site. It’s important that you research your company options and choose a team with the proper credentials. Be sure to avoid all of these factors mentioned above to keep your home cool and comfortable while waiting for your AC to be repaired.

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