Demand for HVAC Units Increase with Texas Heat Waves


For many home and business owners in Texas, the summer months generate a high demand for HVAC units. With the state experiencing an increase in heat waves due to climate change, more and more people are turning to air conditioning as a means of staying cool. Although it is possible to install an HVAC unit yourself, those who do not have extensive knowledge of electrical wiring could run into trouble with improperly installed systems, which may lead to costly repairs or health concerns.

For those who would like to save on energy costs and stay safe this summer, hiring a professional HVAC contractor may be the best option. These contractors complete rigorous training and licensing programs before they can offer their services on an official basis. Most contractors will also come out and perform a free installation estimate of new HVAC units to ensure that the equipment is a good fit for the customer’s home, their living habits, and their budget.

What is an HVAC Unit?

In Texas, many homes and businesses often rely on HVAC units to keep themselves cool during the summer. These systems come in a wide range of sizes and can be installed inside or outside, depending on the owner’s preferences. The two most popular types of HVAC systems today are central air conditioners and ductless air conditioners, which both work through a similar process: blowing cooled air throughout the room using an internal fan unit.

HVAC Installation Benefits

Those who do not have an HVAC system installed may suffer from high energy bills during the warmer months, especially if they lack other cooling features such as ceiling fans or window screens. Installing a new system will also allow for more operation of other appliances in your home, such as your refrigerator and oven.

HVAC Installation Tips

Although it is possible to install an HVAC unit yourself, we recommend that you hire a professional to ensure that your system is properly installed and ready for use. As an energy-efficient alternative, consider looking into ductless air conditioners in Dallas, which can offer many of the same benefits as traditional AC units without requiring an extensive installation process.

If you would like more information about the benefits of installing a new HVAC system or need help choosing a contractor in Texas, please contact us today! With locations throughout the state, we will be able to provide the assistance and equipment needed for you and your family’s summertime comfort.

Residential vs. Commercial HVAC Systems

The HVAC systems used in residential buildings are designed to cool individual rooms or hallways, whereas commercial HVAC units are designed for larger spaces. The major determining factors when choosing the right unit are the building’s square footage and the number of occupants, both of which can increase energy use by up to 20%. Residential AC systems, on the other hand, tend to be less expensive despite their slightly higher power requirements.

With climate change causing more frequent heat waves across Texas, many property owners have decided it is time to purchase an HVAC system to keep their homes comfortable during peak summer months. Although you may save money by installing a new system yourself, we recommend hiring a contractor for the peace of mind and convenience of knowing that your AC unit is properly installed.

Installing an HVAC System Yourself

While there are many benefits to installing an HVAC unit by yourself, we suggest that you hire a professional if you lack extensive knowledge of electrical wiring and household appliances. A faulty installation can cause health concerns or costly repairs later down the road; however, those who choose to install their own AC units will be able to save hundreds compared to using a contractor (depending on the size of the building).

Install Your HVAC Before the Summer Heat Arrives

Although your AC unit may arrive on the same day as its installation, it is generally recommended that you hire a contractor before the warmer months hit rather than during. Some repairs needed for various components of an AC unit can only be made within certain times of the year, which could result in costly additional fees if your system malfunctions due to improper installation or damage to parts.

If you have any further questions about hiring a contractor for HVAC installation or need help choosing the right system for your home, please contact us today! We are happy to offer our assistance and equipment through all stages of the process so that you can stay cool this summer without stressing over expensive energy bills.

Austin AC Is the Top Choice for Texas Residents

As the heatwaves in Texas become more frequent, many property owners are looking for ways to keep their homes cool without sacrificing comfort. While there are several cooling appliances available on the market, installing an air conditioning unit will allow you to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round without having to rely on other methods of cooling or heating your home.

With climate change causing more extreme temperatures across Texas, many residents have begun purchasing HVAC units because they can provide relief during the summer months while also maintaining a comfortable indoor environment during the winter. Whether you choose to install your own AC unit or hire a contractor, we recommend that you choose one that is energy efficient and has received high customer satisfaction ratings.

Our team at Austin AC understands the importance of keeping your family comfortable, which is why we are here to help. If you would like to learn more about how an HVAC installation can benefit your home or if you have any questions about our cooling services, contact us today! We are dedicated to providing exemplary service throughout the entire process so that our customers always stay cool while also saving money on monthly energy bills.

Final Thoughts

The demand for HVAC systems is increasing due to the heat waves in Texas. Since AC units provide a cooling effect while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment year-round, many residents have begun purchasing their own so they can save money on expensive energy bills. We recommend that you choose an energy-efficient unit with high customer satisfaction ratings if you want to install your own AC system or hire a contractor for peace of mind and convenience. If you would like more information about how our team at Austin AC can help increase the comfort level in your home, contact us today!

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