Movie Theaters See Success Thanks to HVAC Units


For many, the best part of going to the movies is not what’s on-screen but rather the experience. From the popcorn and candy to the plush seating and air conditioning, movie theaters provide a comfortable environment where people can spend their Friday or Saturday nights for a reasonable price. While builders originally designed theaters to be as accommodating as possible for patrons, many moviegoers found that they could no longer stomach returning once renovations came around.

Fortunately, businesses managed to turn things around by investing in high-tech HVAC units that made conditions more desirable for customers. One theater owner saw an increase in sales of 40%, while another reported numbers higher than 70%. This article will cover the ways that movie theaters saw an increase in sales thanks to HVAC units and how they make the area safer for people to return and watch movies again.

The installation of high-tech HVAC units allowed cinemas across America to reach more customers than ever before. According to Entrance Magazine, one owner reported numbers higher than 70% after installing a new HVAC unit. Another claimed an increase in sales of 40%. What changed? Although people came solely for what was on-screen initially, many stopped visiting once Covid-19 hit the world and made gathering in indoor spaces a health risk.

However, once HVAC units were installed and theater temperatures dropped, people began returning again in droves. Now, owners claimed that it appeared as if they made up for all their initial losses and then some because of how much more comfortable patrons felt in the theaters.

How Did Covid-19 Affect Movie Theaters?

The Covid-19 pandemic that hit a few years ago was a big problem for businesses of all kinds that needed to gather in indoor spaces. Still, it particularly stung those who made their money from gathering people together. Covid-19 killed thousands of people and made them even more seriously ill, so those with asthma or other respiratory conditions had a difficult time getting out at all.

Movie theaters helped their customers feel safe returning to their businesses by installing new HVAC units and air purification systems. With these new technologies, theater owners began to see an increase in sales thanks to the people returning one by one.

What Are The Advantages of HVAC Units?

The one major reason those movie theaters were able to take off was that they installed high-tech HVAC units and air purification systems. However, what exactly do these mean, and how do they work together?

HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.” In other words, an HVAC unit is a system that helps control the temperature inside a building, so it’s as comfortable as possible. Meanwhile, air purification systems help clean out contaminants from indoor spaces so people can breathe easier. Many places have both HVAC and air purification systems together, but it’s not a given with older buildings.

Why Were HVAC Units So Important?

Movie theaters were among the many establishments that saw a decline in business during the Covid-19 pandemic. When this illness hit America and other countries around the world, people started to stay home for their own safety. This meant movie theater attendance dropped significantly as more and more people felt unsafe gathering indoors due to respiratory conditions they already had or ones Covid-19 caused. In essence, owners began losing customers at an alarming rate because of how uncomfortable patrons felt inside theaters due to poor air quality.

This is where HVAC units became so important: they helped ease discomfort by providing theater owners with the control they needed over indoor temperatures. Furthermore, high-tech HVAC units also helped purify the air in theaters so that patrons could relax and enjoy themselves instead of worrying about their health.

The Vast Benefits of Installing an HVAC System

The main difference between installing an HVAC unit and a more traditional air conditioning system is that HVACs control temperatures better overall. In other words, HVAC units have higher levels of control over indoor temperatures so people can feel as comfortable as possible sitting still for two hours or more.

In addition to being easier on customers with respiratory conditions, owners began reporting huge increases in sales after installing high-tech heating and cooling systems. They found that they even made up for all their initial losses because of how much more profitable they became thanks to returning guests. This only makes sense since it’s so much easier for people to enjoy movies again when they don’t have to worry about cold temperatures causing them discomfort or breathing problems.

Since movie theaters are often dark inside, owners also reported fewer complaints about patrons bothering their neighbors’ thanks to the higher levels of HVAC control. In fact, they began. So not only did customers feel more comfortable with the higher quality air in theaters, they were happy to know that noise levels dropped significantly so people could enjoy the show without distractions.

What Is Air Filtration?

As you might imagine, one of the biggest concerns when installing new HVAC units and air purification systems is how much it will cost to maintain them. After all, it’s important for business owners to control costs wherever possible so they can offer better deals for their customers while still turning a profit. Luckily, most manufacturers offer warranties and technical services on parts and filters to keep costs down over time (after all: everyone wants their comfort system fixed as soon as possible).

In addition to helping customers breathe easier, air filtration also helps save on costs over time. The more contaminants that are removed from indoor spaces, the fewer money owners have to spend on repairs and other maintenance issues. In fact, higher levels of cleanliness mean a host of other benefits for business owners: a higher rate of customer satisfaction, a healthier work environment for employees, and so on.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that HVAC units have been a boom for business owners everywhere. No matter if they run a small mom-and-pop shop or a chain of movie theaters, everyone can agree that clean air is much better for their customers’ respiratory health as well as their own bottom line.

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